Political Technology

Political strategy just like so many other areas has been greatly impacted by the the rise of informational technology.

Technologies for identifying supporters, linking volunteers and  building coalitions that used to be reserved for political parties or large campaigns are now readily available.

Citizenship as Ministry Teams must have those who familiarize themselves with campaign strategies far in advance of an election.   Having a sophisticated understanding of campaigning is required as there is no one program or method that promises a successful political campaign.

Some of the areas to understand are in the following:



Database: Nation Builders

Nation Builders will store individual profiles in a manner easily organized and accessed.   Through their system individuals are brought up in the House District and Precinct they live in so they can be marshaled with other supporters from other groups for combined action.  Also the ability to “tag” and create separate “list” gives the ability call large groups of people up for involvement in items they have expressed a particular interest in.

We will be maintaining our own Nation Builders and access will be granted to Citizenship as Ministry Teams as needed.

Sample Data File>>>


Campaign Canvassing:  Ground Game

Ground Game gives access to all registered voters in a given area with specific party and customized demographic information.   This is required for door to door canvassing and being able to identify potential supporters.

It gives the campaign the ability to identify the party affiliation/non-affiliation of a given district.   Grass roots efforts need to know who they are calling on ahead of time and be prepared whether its specific candidate or issue based canvassing.

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