Christians as Nation Builders

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

Most Christian do not think of themselves as having a distinct CULTURAL identity, but the Bible consistently points this out.   Since the inception of the New Covenant, the Golden Rule, (to love God and your neighbor as yourself) has been the ambition of Christ followers and this (along with all of scripture), is responsible for molding pagan Greco-Roman culture into our Christian civilization.

Therefore, our rule of law, our compassion for those in need, our anger towards injustice are all the product of Christian influence. Without such influence there would be no mechanism for civilization to change from either the isolated King-Priest monarchies or the more dominate Emperor-Conqueror empires of the distant past and today.  Christians, particularly those in the West, live in a world built by Christian thought and influence.  If we see un-Christ like characteristics it is not the Power of the Gospel at fault but most likely our own lack of effort.

We live in a fallen creation and are confronted by a counter (default) worldview that can best be described as a cult-like political movement, that to fit in with the prevailing Christian civilization, must mimic Christianity.  For instance, the political Left will use such issues as tolerance and compassion and hyper-extends them into a worldview that rejects biblical standards and by so doing promotes moral chaos and confusion.

And, after having distorted the basis and purpose of these values they mount an attack those who hold to biblical truth as having opinions morally inferior to their own! 

The counterbalance that is needed to this challenge is a reawaken in Christians to their heritage of being Nation Builders and the instruments that God has most often used for the betterment of all humanity. A self-government of a self-restrained people is the only permanent foundation for a free society and every Christian must vote, employ intercessory prayer and be actively engaged in civic life to protect and preserve such a great blessing.

All this can only survive if Christians once again seek the knowledge and understanding needed to be the source for renewal and reform which will bring salt and light to their state and nation.

Fourteen hundred year ago the Middle East and North Africa were largely Christian the home of fellowships begun by the apostles of Christ.   That civilization fell to an enemy (Islam) who had largely plagiarized Judeo-Christian history and theology and declared itself superior to them and their teachings.  They did not unite or recognize the nature of the enemy until it was too late.

This should give every Christian pause that our civilization can collapse not from “God’s will” but our own apathy and neglect.   To lose such a great blessing as a Constitutional Republic birthed in biblical guidance, considering all the warning from history and scripture that is laid out before us, would be folly and bring reproach on the Lord we say we live to serve.

Christians need to lift their heads up and no longer conform or give tacit approval to ungodly laws or leaders but rather take the authority they have in Christ and start governing in Faith and Power!