Citizenship and Grass Roots Coalitions

Of the increase of His government and peace There will be no end…

Isaiah 9:7


The system of government established in the United States is built upon the impact of Judeo-Christianity throughout world history.   A government established of the people, by the people, and for the people is an anomaly in human history and can only be credited to the long process of theological and societal revelation of God’s love and concern for each individual person and His sovereignty over the nations.

As inheritors of this tremendous truth and incredible blessing it is our honor and duty to cherish and protect it for this and future generations.    To accomplish this we have a heritage of freedom to draw on and tried and true techniques, coupled with the new technologies of our time, to accomplish the sort of cultural-political change that puts our state and nation in closer alignment to God’s will.

The local church is already tasked with the preservation of truth and freedom in our communities and is the natural foundation to grow effective grassroots coalitions.    These grass roots coalitions are meant to equip Christians  to build influential  “civic associations” of all stripes.    Influence is exerted by both word and action and influence which exert towards a more vibrant, wholesome, and life affirming direction in our state and communities brings the blessings of growth, opportunity and prosperity.

There is no doubt that an awakened and involved Evangelical Church  along with our brethren in the Catholic and Orthodox Communities have more than enough people to radically alter the direction of our state and politics.   Issues dealing with education, tax policy, transportation, community and natural infrastructure along with the critical areas of life and family are waiting for our commitment and effort to establish a New Direction for our island home.

Citizenship as Ministry Teams are designed to be both the benefactors of and laboratory for our combined efforts.   As Pastor link in effective fellowship via the Hawaii Pastor Alliance the Citizenship Teams will be formed in Alliance churches to educate and activate their members.    These teams will be in contact with other teams in other fellowships to share in developing both inter-church and community strategies.

We will also be using a combined data base so that those already involved in Citizenship as Ministry Teams in their home church can link with other Citizenship as Ministry Team members from other fellowship, in their home communities, for combined local outreach.