An Appeal To Reopen Hawaii

History will judge the nature of the Covid-19 outbreak and its global impact.  At the beginning of this pandemic there were frightening pictures out of China suggesting an indiscriminate slayer of human life.  The Chinese government with its long history of deception and secrecy did little to alleviate a growing international panic that a disease of potential cataclysmic proportions had escaped into the world.

Thankfully, in Hawaii and across the nation this turned out not to be the case.

As we mourn those who have perished, we must acknowledge that our medical system and technology proved more than able to handle this crisis.  We also see, as data is being tabulated worldwide, that the virus mortality rate is less than feared.

Now we must deal with the rapidly unfolding economic and human disaster facing our beloved state and her people that has resulted from preparing for a catastrophic pandemic that did not happen.


All Workers Are Essential

Vast swaths of our economy have been paralyzed.   A potential tidal wave of human misery now threatens to overwhelm all the good done to stop the virus spread.


* The tourist industry along with the airports and airlines, without which Hawaii cannot long sustain our population, are at a virtual standstill.

* The hotels, hotel workers, tour operators and all the related car rental and service industries are shuttered.

* Restaurants, stores, malls, theaters and all the services that supply and support these companies are mostly idled.


* The workers of these companies large and small, union and non-union now see their savings draining away, their future unsure and are holding on to hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.




Nothing more encapsulates that which we are proposing.  The steersman shouts to the canoe paddlers to “Get Set” to be ready to pull the canoe into motion.  We must now HO ‘OMAKAUKAU our economy with all care and speed to pull our state forward!


The entire nation will be in recovery for an uncertain length of time and each state, including Hawaii, must be prepared for a period of maximum exertion from all sectors to rebuild and restore prosperity.  There is no greater asset available to achieve this than the productivity and ability to improvise for their own and their family’s future than Hawaii’s working people.

We the undersigned in agreement that the reopening our state with all the speed required and in direct proportion to the dangers our citizens now face sign this appeal.

We also present documents supporting appropriate standards and procedures that all sectors of our economy can immediately put into use as we rebuild, restore, and replenish our future.


Paul Mossman          William H Lawson                David Wilson

Business Owner        Attorney                                 Pastor









Suggested Reopening Guidelines

Restaurant Reopening Guidelines

Employee Health:

Monitor the health of employees and sending home any employee who displays any Covid-19 type illness symptoms.

Maintain Physical Distancing:

Enforce physical distancing in all areas of the place of business, including between tables or booths as well as outside of the establishment when there is a wait.

Limit Restaurant Capacity to 50%:

Limit the number of people allowed inside the place of business at one time.

Limit Dining Parties Size:

All dining parties restricted to no more than six  persons (groups larger than six will need to sit at separate tables).

No Buffet Style Service:

Self-serve buffets and salad bars are prohibited.  Restaurant staff must serve food directly to customers or implement buffet orders from the customer table.  No customer self-service will be     allowed.

Bar Restrictions:

Bar seating is not permitted.

Patrons may only consume alcohol on the premises if also consuming a meal.

Bars that do not serve food will remain limited to carry- out sales and delivery only.

Retail Reopening Guidelines

1) A sign will be posted on the storefront that individuals who have a fever or any COVID-19 type illness symptoms should not enter the store.

2) Limit the number of individuals inside the store to 50% of fire capacity occupancy or 8 customers per 1,000 square feet.

3) Customers will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon entering the store.

4) Employees who have a fever or are otherwise exhibiting COVID-19 type illness symptoms will not be allowed to work.

5) Employees may be allowed to wear facemasks or gloves.

6) All persons in the store should practice sensible physical distancing of at least 6 feet between another person.

7) Sales registers must be at least 6 feet apart.

8) Employees will have access to hand sanitizer or a place to wash their hands.

9) Workers and customers will be provided an adequate number of trash receptacles.

10) Employees will be required to take reasonable steps to comply with guidelines on sanitation from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Hawaii Department of Public Health.

11) Point of sale equipment will be frequently cleaned and sanitized.

12) The stores will encourage customers to make non-cash payments.

13) The entrance/exit doors will be sanitized at least three times per day.

14) Encourage workers to report any safety and health concerns to the employer.



Close Contact Services Reopening

The Close Contact Services are businesses where greater health and safety measures will be required due to the frequent and often necessary interaction between an employee and a customer.

Such Services Include:  Barber Shops, Beauty Salons, Nail Salons, Massage Therapy, Tattoo Parlors

The recommended measures include, but are not limited to:

1) Monitoring the health of employees and sending home any employee who displays COVID-19 type illness symptoms.

2) Limiting the number of people allowed inside the place of business at one time.

3) Enforcing physical distancing in all areas of the place of business

4) Requiring customers to wear face masks and supply face mask and gloves for all employees who will interact with a customer.

5) Increasing the cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting measures.

6) Providing services by appointment only.


Reopening Places of Worship

1) Instruct employees, volunteers, and guests who display any Covid-19 type illness symptoms to stay home.


2) Practice social distancing by maintaining appropriate distance between people.


3) Maintain good hygiene by washing your hands frequently or using hand sanitizer.


4) Implement environmental cleanliness and sanitation practices


5) Clean and disinfect public contact areas frequently.


6) Ask attendees who are at risk or have an underlying health condition to stay home and watch the services online.


7) Consider keeping childcare closed unless the house of worship can comply with CDC guidelines for childcare facilities.


8) Refraining from passing collection plates and instead provide a central collection box in the building or encourage online giving.


9) Consider how the sacraments can be administered without attendees having to touch the same surfaces and objects.




Reopening the Visitor Industry

Reopening the visitor industry will be the fruit of a step by step plan of reopening all parts of Hawaii’s economy and will be a critical milestone towards economic recovery

Phase 1:  Move through reopening of retail, restaurants, and service sectors.

Phase 2:  End stay-at-home order and encourage market incentives for Hawaii residence and active duty military to take in-state vacations to help reopen airlines and hotels.

Phase 3: Start off Hawaii’s re-focus on tourism by offering incentive for front line health care workers (domestic and international) Hawaii vacation as was done with 911 first responders

Attract international and domestic travel with a clear process to assure visitor and residents health.

The reopening positions contained herein are from several sources.
Below are the primary sources and the areas they cover.



State of Nebraska Reopening Provisions



State of Alabama Reopening Provisions



        Close Contact

State of Texas Reopening Provisions

        Places of Worship

State of Florida Reopening Provisions



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