Dealing with Politically Motivated Hatred

To be involved in the cultural battle means there will be those who don’t appreciate your efforts and will attack you verbally (if not physically).  Planning for this is in advance is a mature way of dealing with this problem and will help bring about the best results.

Political Verbal Attacks Can Be:

Chants (incantations?) at political events such as “Anti woman, anti-gay, born-again bigots. Go Away!   This sort of thing is designed to build the power of the chanting group and introduce doubt in their opposition.   People will often start counter chanting to build their side up but either way remember this mostly political theater and do not take it too seriously.

Personal attacks such as accusations of racism, homophobia, misogyny.   These are “Have you stopped beating your wife?” accusations that any response gives the opposition power over you.   If they are willing to listen ask how they can form a judgment on someone (yourself) they know nothing about and isn’t such groundless accusations just projecting their own prejudice?   More often than not these attacks are only the “roaring lion” and are meant to intimidate and should be ignored or best “laughed off” as childish behavior.

Attacks based on some knowledge of the bible or presumed Christian behavior.   This is more subtle and as such has more potential for fruitful dialogue.  Be grounded in scriptures  portrayal of all people being in need of a savior and there is only one person in history who is perfect.   And, that the code of Gods favor is “obedience” to his calling (having ears to hear) and not a worldly view of some sort of monkish detachment from the rigors of human life.

To many people their political ideology is the “core” of what gives their life some meaning.    By questioning many of the baseless assumptions, it is undermining their entire worldview.   Our mission is to open eyes and hearts to a better life and this requires supernatural wisdom, courage and compassion.