The Shield

The Power is Compromised

Some church leaders never fully grasped the importance of the weekly gathering.  They understood it was a command and faithfully adhered to regular scheduled services but never grasped the full significance of a breakdown in the shield.

Christ died for the ecclesia, a body of people who even under the most violent suppression continued throughout history to meet in public or in secret.  The church gathering, since the beginning, had done a work no individual could understand or accomplish.

The power of the assembly had pushed back the darkness in each generation.  It exerted an unstoppable influence on realms seen and unseen. Beyond words or deeds the prayer and corporate worship had stopped demonic activity and moved the hand of God in ways impossible to calculate.

When the shield went down in March of 2020 it was to be only a temporary pause.  At first the opening seemed narrow but as they grew in the month ahead darkness began to wind its way up and around people and the functions of human life.


The Plot

The attack on the president seemed to come out of nowhere.  A junta of disgruntled military and government workers had been supplied by foreign entities with the means to incapacitate and kill him.   Leaving no mark of the assassin.

Only one or two weeks before the attack had the bulk of church activity resumed. Most with extra services to accommodate smaller sized meeting.  The ragged tears in the shield began healing but the adversary knew his plan had been set in motion and was confident of success.


The Intercession

It was an usher resetting chairs for the first service farther apart noticed the crumpled wad of paper.  Picking it up he felt the thumb drive at the center and pulled the sheet open.  The cryptic instructions seemed to convey something unsettling and later at home the information flashing up on the screen only confirmed its malevolence.

It was a series of what the believer would call divine intervention that caused the discarded message to reach those in government only a day before the attack.   That day was the first full Sunday of churches reopening.  Pastors and parishioners later said they felt a sense of alarm and many churches, for the first time in a long time, began to pray and intercede with tearful passion.

In the hours before dawn the doors were broken in where the plotters had gathered.  Just like the whole operation their seemed to be a guiding hand empowered to bind evil at work.  The assassins were at a joint military/civilian compound close to the presidents scheduled meeting.  Many of those taken in custody were later released as having no knowledge of what was thought to be a flawlessly concealed plot.

But the angels knew, and the shield was being built back up.







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