The Christian Candidate

Running for office is often seen as a beauty contest.   It comes down to good looks, a sweet sounding program and maybe a good radio jingle.   But is this the basis of how we should be running a campaign?   Or conversely, is this the best way for a voter to choose a candidate for public office?

The person running for public office understands he or she has to be likable, but the Christian needs to ask does he like those who he is asking to vote for him?   Most politicians are running for office to enhance “their” career and often with an eye to building a base for seeking a higher elected office.   But, what about those who entrust you with their sovereign vote?

Have you done all you can for them?   Do you have a vision and calling to bring more peace, more righteousness and more of what we know to be Gods Will into the public sphere?

If you are, than you are ready to sacrifice your career in politics (if need be) to stand for what you know to be right.   You will not be swayed by threats or worldly enticements to betray your commitments.    This is not easy considering the power involved in holding political office.

And, this is where the Christian brethren need to stand with those they support!  Abandoning a candidate to the “lions den” after an election to fend for themselves while we go on with our lives is betraying our duty to the Lord and his command to bear one another’s burden.


As well, a candidate needs to pray for those he is seeking to serve (and those he will serving with after an election).   Don’t just stand on the road during a sign holding campaign to bring attention to yourself but lift up yours hands and wave as you call down silently (or out loud!) the Lords blessings on those your are seeking to represent.  God is looking for servant leaders to represent Him in the public square.