Building Up The Assemble

The information contained on this website is for the building up of Citizenship as Ministry Teams.   These Teams constitute an outreach of the Ecclasia (The Assemble) as described by Jesus  in Book of Mathew Chapter 16:8 and operate under Constitutional Authority.



We use the term Ecclasia or Assemble to highlight the need for coordinated action amongst all believers to be effective agents in bringing Salt and Light into our communities and state.  This highlights the necessity for Citizenship as Ministry teams to act in concert with other CAM teams to bring greater cultural impact into their shared communities.

This also assist in the critical mission of calling ALL citizens who support Judeo-Christian values to be Active Voters in Every Election!  Citizenship as Ministry teams are to be the guardians of Judeo-Christian values and as believers apply prayer, strategy and action to help secure the blessing of Godly leadership into all areas of civic life.